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The Ultimate Guide to Surveys for Money; It’s easy if you do it smart

Making money from online surveys is a lucrative way to boost your finances. Are you looking for the methods to acquire income without much effort? Then you can opt for this online opportunity. Many sites assist you in obtaining a good deal of income by completing the surveys for the businesses.

As a survey taker, you have to give feedback to the companies about their products and ideas. Companies utilize the consumer’s outlook for the improvement of their brand. It is an effective way of gaining money by giving reviews about its items. You need to provide an appropriate answer to their questions in your spare time and exchange them for many dollars.

Top Online Survey Sites for Money

There are many paid online survey sites. These websites provide you with an incredible chance to procure money from the internet. Many of these sites pay you a high cash amount. Some websites offer you gift cards to assist them in their marketing initiatives. This article explains the top online surveys sites for money.


It is one of the reliable and trustworthy paid websites that provides you with an exciting opportunity to earn money online. You can exchange your feedback for Swagbucks points. Then you can redeem them for cash, gift cards, or sweepstakes. Moreover, this website allows you to watch videos, play games, search the web and give reviews.

Swagbucks allow you to take surveys from multiple sources. So, it provides you a chance to earn extra income. Although the disqualifications are frequent on this website, you still get consolation points if you disqualify to take a particular survey.


It is another lucrative platform for taking surveys online. So, it is a user-friendly site that overlooks the point conversion system. You get cash for taking each survey. By signing up with your Gmail, you will get 5$ bonus as a new user. You can earn money by giving reviews, watching videos, reading emails, and taking surveys with this site.

Moreover, you will only be able to draw cash once you earn 30$. You can withdraw money from many options via PayPal, gift rewards, etc. Sometimes this site, instead of sending surveys, takes you directly to promotional content that requires your email, phone number, and other requirements, and it is a time-consuming step. This site won’t make you rich overnight. You have to commit your time to earn more with this site.


Toluna offers you to acquire cash by choosing many survey topics according to your preferences. This feature differentiates the website from others and makes it pretty intriguing. This platform works in the place of companies and gives you rewards for taking surveys online.

This forum doesn’t make you earn many dollars compared to other survey sites. You can hardly make enough points by opting for games, polls, and contests. Moreover, the payment modes are pretty disgusting. Your points will expire in your account after 12 months. So, it would be best if you spent them by the end of the year.

Opinion Outpost

This online survey site provides you with a quick chance to make money. It offers you fast payouts. Moreover, this site is mainly concerned with taking surveys only. The main objective of this site is to render income by providing you with surveys after surveys. You can easily make 10 cents per the survey by giving feedback on this site. You can redeem these points for Amazon vouchers, gift cards, or PayPal cash.

Their surveys barely take ten minutes, and you can easily attempt them in your leisure time. So, it is an excellent way to exchange your insights for cash.

Survey Junkie

This website is easy to use and provides more points per survey. The point method is very facile, and you can quickly gauge your earnings on your dashboard. The process is very straightforward. You take surveys, earn points and get income. You can withdraw cash from this site via many payment modes like PayPal or gift cards.

One pitfall of this website is its limitations regarding joining it. If your age is 16 or older and you are a US, Australia, or Canada resident, you are eligible to earn money from taking surveys on this lucrative site. Moreover, you can only draw cash if you have earned 500 points. If you have less than 500 points on your dashboard, you will not be able to cash out from Survey Junkie.


This survey site connects its users with diverse survey opportunities through a market research firm, Ipsos. In comparison to other platforms, i-Say gives you fewer survey chances. It sends you surveys every week by email. It is user-friendly and makes the experience easy.

Moreover, the reward is relatively low. In addition, this site does not facilitate you to manifest the cash value for the points. This website also makes you wait for 96 hours from your enrollment to start cashing out payments.


This survey platform comes with an effective screening process. Its dashboard is fascinating because it contains valuable sections that showcase your survey activity and customer support form. After signing up, you have to take surveys and earn some points. Usually, you can earn 500 or 1000 points for providing the feedback. But these points, when converted into cash, only account for 50 cents or 1 dollar.

Moreover, you can’t withdraw cash unless you earn 25000 points equal to 25$. Once you achieve that amount, you will be able to cash out via Amazon or PayPal.

Are the paid survey sites legit?

The legitimate websites provide you with practical ways to make money from the internet. Many paid survey platforms are reliable and enable you to acquire finances—for instance, Swagbucks, OneOpinion, Toluna, etc. You don’t need to pay a penny for your account on legit sites. Moreover, you are not asked to give your personal and confidential information. These websites don’t pledge a considerable payout. Instead, the payment and reward are elaborated precisely.

But there are scammers too. You might be thinking, how do you acknowledge which site is legitimate? So, you can follow some tips and tricks to avoid scams. These tactics enable you to choose a legit survey online website for you.

Tips for taking surveys online for money

So, here’re the tips you can follow in choosing a reliable survey platform over the internet.

Don’t share your Credentials

Beware of these scams if you are asked to give your bank account details, personal information, license number, or social security number. No legit company needs a security number or your confidential information for taking surveys. Don’t overshare your details with the website.

Beware of the extra Bonuses

The legit companies have clearly outlined their points per survey, the rewards, and payment bonuses. Most legitimate sites offer bonuses roughly from two to ten dollars. Extra Bonuses beyond this range often show a red flag. Beware of these scams and choose an authentic platform with precise details of payment bonuses.

Choose a site with a Privacy Policy

An effective privacy policy is essential while giving reviews online. It would be best to scrutinize the privacy information keenly. Because when you sign up on this type of website, they ask some questions about you. To keep your data secure, you need to look into the site policies. If you find any abstruse notion, you should abandon that survey site immediately.

Read the reviews before choosing a Website

Whenever you dive into the digital marketplace to buy any product, you prefer to read its reviews before purchasing that item. So, it is referred for you to give a thorough read to the feedback about a survey website before joining. In short, the reviews are pretty helpful in making you choose the best survey site that meets your preferences.

Are surveys for money worth it?

Compared to other ways to earn income, the surveys take time to make you acquire excessive money. The earnings usually range from a few cents to some dollars. If you want to earn a constant good deal of income, this is not a dependable source of finances. It would help start a side hustle by taking surveys to boost your capital. If you want to obtain more cash from these websites, you need to dedicate your time and perform as many surveys as possible.


Online surveys have become a trend now. Many companies take feedback about their goods and services and use the customer’s insight for their firm improvement. So, you can earn dollars by giving surveys in your spare time. Isn’t it intriguing?

Many online websites pay you for taking surveys and giving appropriate answers to their questions. So, it provides you a great chance to earn money from the internet. It is pretty easy to procure finances from this method, but it demands your dedication and time. Taking surveys is not a substantial continuous source of income. It can only fulfill your light expenses. But it can boost your money over time. So, what makes you wait so long? Hurry up! And start earning online from taking surveys.


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