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The Ultimate Guide to How you can make money from YouTube; Top Strategies you must follow

YouTube is unquestionably one of the best and most significant social platforms that provide an exciting opportunity to acquire passive income. You might be thinking, how can you make money from this digital network? There are many ways to procure finances from YouTube. Whether you are a business person, influencer, blogger, affiliate marketer, or entertainer, you can join this lucrative forum and earn money.

In addition, Advertising revenue is the most popular way to get money. According to research, YouTube’s global advertising revenues amounted to 28.84 billion US dollars. Moreover, you can acquire finances by making creative content. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Top strategies to make money on YouTube

You can earn multiple income streams by teaching, entertaining, or reviewing the products on this diverse platform. But as a beginner, it is pretty challenging. But if you follow adequate strategies, you can start generating enough revenue. So, what tactics should you follow to boost your financial resources? This article gives you step-by-step assistance to earn money according to your preferences.

Join YouTube Partner Program to Earn Money

The Partner Program enables you to have greater access to YouTube monetization and features. You can acquire money by running ads. For this purpose, you need to set up your AdSense account and get views to become a partner. In addition, this partner program comes with some rules and regulations. You need to abide by these requirements to join this partner program.

Rules for Partner Program

You can only start earning from ad revenues once you surpass the threshold of 1000 subscribers. Similarly, you should have 4000 watch hours within the past year. In addition, this partner program is available in some regions. You can only be a member if you live in the country where this program is currently active. Moreover, you need to connect your new or existing AdSense account to your YouTube channel.

Making money from Partner Program

Once you become a partner, you can set your monetization preferences. In addition to video ads, you can access multiple revenue streams to procure income from membership perks, Super chat, etc. The membership perk allows you to purchase public badges, emojis, and access perks. You can also monetize your channel by Super Chat which allows your viewers to pay for live chat messages. Thus, it is an appealing way to connect with your audience whenever you go live on your YouTube channel.

Sell your Products or Merchandise

The other lucrative way to acquire income from YouTube is to sell your products. This platform allows you to send any product according to your preferences. If you have started a side hustle, you can merchandise to procure earnings from this alluring forum. You can sell physical products like t-shirts, bags, and accessories and generate excessive revenues for your online business.

As an entrepreneur, merchandise escalates your exposure in the digital marketplace. It builds a fascinating relationship between you and your subscribers. So, selling your products is a moneymaking opportunity that boosts your online business. But how can you make your product stand out in today’s competitive industry? Let’s dive into this.

Create and Design your Product

The first step to the merchandise is to create and design unique products. As there is great competition among the retailers on YouTube, you should be innovative in fabricating the items. The layout and the packaging should be appealing to engage the customers.

Audience engagement is a key factor in earning a great deal of income. So, think out of the box. You can also ask your fans about their preferences. For this purpose, you can improvise a poll to know what they want. Thus, you can promote your business through your YouTube channel.

Product source and building your Shop

What is the source of the product? How can you deliver it to your customers? The answers are pretty intriguing. You need a manufacturer, supplier, or wholesaler to produce and manage your inventory. Next, you need to build a separate online trading shop or website to handle the orders. You can also link the product listing to your videos. For this purpose, YouTube provides a list of approved merch sites that assists you in linking your inventory directly from your videos.

Enable your Channel Merch Shelf and do Promotion

If you are a YouTube partner, you should use your channel merch shelf to sell the products. For this purpose, you have to check out your eligibility criteria by reading YouTube instructions. The most significant course of action to drive more sales is the effective marketing of the products. You can promote your brand in your YouTube videos. Focus on the benefits over features. For more sales, link your website or online store in your video description to render a call to action.

Choose Crowdfunding Strategy

You can also monetize your own YouTube channel through crowdfunding. There are two primary forms of crowdfunding. The one is recurring, and the other is project-based funding. The first one is more suitable for content creators. In this form, the audience pays a subscription fee for access to perks.

Moreover, you can inform your subscribers about your new project. For this purpose, you should present your creative idea in a video and convince people to give you donations. Many YouTubers are making excessive revenues from the pool of crowdfunding strategies.

Set up your Account and Promote on Videos

YouTube provides you with a list of approved crowdfunding sites. You can choose any preferred website and set up your account to fund your projects or recurring purposes. The supported sites are Patreon, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, etc. Patreon is mainly used for recurring, and Kickstarter or Indiegogo is utilized for creative funding projects. This crowdfunding technique keeps your channel going and helps you acquire great finances.

The other appealing factor to promoting your campaigns is the creative videos. Aware people of what they get when your project gets successful. You can offer alluring perks to your audience.

Be an Affiliate Marketer and get Commissions

Today, affiliate marketing has become a trend now. Almost every business invests in publisher marketing. If you are an influencer, blogger, or content creator, you can work with brands and get excessive income. How can you earn income as an affiliate marketer on YouTube? As an associate marketer, you have to promote other brands’ products and services to your audience and convince them to make sales to get commissions from the businesses.

For this purpose, you can endorse your fans to make sales. You have to provide the affiliate links in the video description. Whenever the user clicks on your provided link and purchases anything from the brand’s website, you will get a commission on each sale. So, this is a lucrative way to procure income from YouTube as an associate marketer.

According to research, almost 89% of the respondents stated that YouTube is the most commonly used video platform for marketing purposes.

Create Sponsor Content via a Partnership

It is one of the popular ways to acquire money from YouTube. The sponsored content is a type of content generated by the YouTubers but coordinated with a brand. The brands exchange the sponsored videos for price. If you have a large engaging audience, you can run sponsor content through partnerships with brands. If your targeted niche matches the brand’s goals, they will be more likely to hear from you.

Find a Quality Brand and Make a Deal

As your YouTube channel grows, you can directly contact the brands that might sponsor your videos and provide product placement offers. The company’s name and credibility are significant for your channel’s reliability. If you work with well-known brands, your channel productivity enhances in the sight of viewers.

So, first, find a reputable brand and then make a lucrative deal with them. YouTubers are more likely to charge more for their sponsored videos than other social media users. But the payment rate depends on the engagement rate, audience size, and many other factors.

Tell your Audience about Paid Promotions

Transparency is the key to success on YouTube. Winning audience trust is significant to creating more revenue. You should establish a healthy relationship with your fans and be transparent with them. You should add a text bar in your video that manifests that you are doing a paid promotion. It is an appealing way to earn their trust.


In short, YouTube is one of the most widely used social networks. It provides a fascinating chance to acquire a good deal of income. If you are an effective influencer or content creator, you can boost your finances by opting for affiliate marketing. You have to promote other brand items and exchange them for money. In addition, if you have a strong fan following on this platform, you can do partnerships with businesses. You can create sponsored videos and, in return, get income.

Moreover, you can also take crowdfunding to keep your channel working. If you are running a side business, you can sell your products on YouTube by backlinking your online site and getting more sales. So, YouTube provides you with a lucrative opportunity to procure excessive capital.

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