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The pro tips on How to Get Followers on Instagram

Social media platforms have integrated themselves into the digital marketplace to enhance brand awareness. Many business people join electronic media to promote their online careers. Do you want to become a successful influencer? How can you get more followers on your Instagram account? This article gives you complete guidance about how you can escalate your Instagram following.

It is pretty challenging to get your first 10k followers as a beginner. But if you follow a properly crafted strategy and proven tactics, you can build a professional Instagram profile with quality followers. Let’s get into the details.

Top tips to increase your Instagram Followers

It is tempting to have potential followers on your social account. If you are an entrepreneur and desire to commence a business adventure, you can get more sales by marketing the products on Instagram. You can procure excessive passive income from almost doing nothing. Isn’t it fascinating?

How can you gain a strong following on your Instagram account? The answer is quite intriguing. This article provides a fascinating gateway to enhance your audience reach and have an effective following to promote your online career.

Optimize your Instagram Profile

It is significant to optimize your Instagram profile to get more traffic to your page. An engaging bio makes this task facile and easy. A clear and concise bio description has more potential to captivate more followers.

For this purpose, you can provide important details regarding your business, personality, contact information, call to action, and links to connect with your targeted audience. You can promote your online website on Instagram by providing a clickable link in its bio. In addition, you should target essential keywords and trendy hashtags to engage more people.

Similarly, an appealing profile picture is also significant in attracting users. Moreover, if you are running a company, you can add an attractive company logo to your profile picture. Thus, proper optimization is essential for you to enhance your following on Instagram.

Post Engaging Content regularly and at the Right Time

To connect with more followers on Instagram, you need to post content consistently on your account. The biggest downside of failures is uploading the content randomly without a content calendar. You need to get your audience engaged with you, so it would be best to improvise your posting schedule in the first place.

The other important thing in this regard is the right time to post content. The answer is pretty interesting. It depends on the location and timeframe of your targeted audience. You should post your blogs, videos, reels, or IGTV media to increase your audience engagement at particular active hours of your followers. Instagram is more likely to show the posts that are regularly executed. So, to boost your followers, it would help to opt for consistency in your regime.

Join Instagram Engagement Groups

The other pro tip to increase your followers on Instagram is to join engagement groups according to your niche. It provides you with an exciting opportunity to catch more traffic. You can be a part of any group as per your choice. Instagram offers health, beauty, travel, fashion, and many other groups to connect with users having common interests. So, it is a pretty exotic chance to get attention and likes from the audience.

 Many people follow your account to update themselves regarding the current trends and fashion. So, it is an effective methodology to increase your fan following on Instagram. This tactic works more in the beginning weeks of your joining. So, if you are a novice or beginner, you can boost your traffic by joining engagement groups.

Repost other’s content to boost traffic

When you start catching more followers to your account, your audience preference should be top of your priority list. You can upload user-generated content to bewitch more traffic to your page. You can repost pictures, videos, or reels from the other user’s account on your profile and keep the momentum going from their incredible reactions.

Thus, it provides you a fascinating chance to widen your connections and diversify your network. You may take hours to create and edit your content. Instead, it is pretty fast to repost others’ content and gain more Instagram likes, comments, and shares. It is a traffic-driving technique for beginners. So, if you have joined Instagram lately and are struggling to gain more followers, this strategy helps you captivate more followers.

Work with influencers to increase your Audience

Another significant way to enhance your followers is to hire influencers or bloggers to share your content with the consumers. It is a lucrative way to improve your brand’s credibility and customer reach. The bloggers recommend your brand products to their fans, which drives more sales.

So, working with publishers boost traffic to your Instagram account and augments your brand’s awareness. Good marketing is essential for excessive sales when you begin your business venture. So, working with influencers drives more customers toward your brand and increases your audience to build your Instagram account.

Use Instagram Analytics Tools

As an Instagram user, your primary motive is to increase your followers. What is the efficient way to do so? For this purpose, you need to acknowledge your targeted audience. Instagram Analytical tools make this task easy for you. These informative tools provide you with details about your following.

It is better to analyze your engagement rate, new followers, Instagram unfollow rate, and the essential information to gauge your Instagram activity. It provides you with an excellent chance to improve your account performance to attract more traffic.

Many tools also underline the engaging content you can choose to get more followers on your account. Many free and paid Instagram Analytical tools are available in the market. Some are Sprout Social, Keyhole, Iconosquare, etc.

Embed your Instagram feed on your Content

You can easily embed your Instagram feed on your website content as a business owner. For instance, you have a makeup brand. You can write a blog post on different makeup products and specify their benefits to the skin. You can showcase the images of these products. Next, you want to insert your Instagram page link on your blog so that whenever any user reads your blog, he will click the inserted link and view your Instagram account.

For this purpose, you have to embed your account by going into your Instagram page and pasting the copied link into your blog section. It increases your account visibility and followers together. So, you should opt for this tactic to reach more audiences.

Use location tags and trendy hashtags to increase traffic

Adding the location tags lets your followers know where you are at the current moment without stating it in the caption. Do you know these tags can increase your traffic? These alluring tags enhance your engagement with your audience and provide you with adequate exposure to attract new followers. If you are a business person, you can use these enchanting location tags to allow your customers to follow your Instagram account effectively.

Moreover, adding trendy hashtags according to your particular niche gives you more visibility. It helps you to grow your Instagram fan following. When you use a hashtag, your post appears in the hashtags section. So, it increases your account viewability and enhances your audience reach.

In addition, you can also add hashtags to your story, which also manifests on the relevant story hashtag page. So, these hashtags are an effective way to boost your Instagram followers by enhancing your page visibility.

Get Featured on Buzzfeed to increase followers

The other effective methodology to attract more followers is to get featured on Buzzfeed. It is a diverse media platform where you can post any content under its guidelines. So, it is a fascinating opportunity for newbies to escalate their Instagram following by joining the Buzzfeed community.

Moreover, it would be best to specify your targeted audience because this platform is known to manifest the content to a particular group of people. So, it is essential to choose your audience and share your engaging content with them to boost traffic.

Provide regular giveaways to catch more audience

Do you want to gain followers up to 10k? What should be your strategy to captivate more users? As a beginner, it is pretty challenging to raise your followers from 0 to 10k. But it is not as hard if you follow effective tactics.

You can opt for appealing ways to delight your audience. Everyone loves to get gifts. So, you can render regular giveaways to your followers to keep them engaged. For instance, you may ask them to invite their friends and family to follow your account and give them gift vouchers. So, think out of the box.


In short, Instagram is one of the biggest social platforms that assists you in enhancing your online business. It isn’t easy to gain a strong fan following as a beginner. But if you follow proper tips and tricks, you can raise your followers promptly. For this particular purpose, you need to optimize your Instagram account. You should join engagement groups to increase your audience reach. Moreover, it would be best to use location or trendy hashtags to catch more followers.

In addition, you should upload content regularly on adequate schedules to boost traffic. You can also use Instagram Analytical tools to gauge your activities and improve your Instagram account performance to get more followers.

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